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Stretch Wrapping Machines

Keramik offers adjustable pre-stretch wrapping machines that could integrate to production lines with registered PowerEco technology made by the world leader German company CYKLOP which Keramik is the exclusive distributor in Turkey.
We can supply and integrate into your production line the most suitable stretch machines for your products with the options Turntable, rotary arm, Full Automatic and semi-automatic models.
Number of windings and the pre-stretch rate could be adjusted easily via control panel and produces effective amount of solutions for you.

Fully Automatic Strapping System

These machines are integrated into the exit conveyor of the wooden material production lines and perform full automatic horizontal and vertical strapping.
Keramik uses in native manufactured strapping machines, state of art strapping heads with the innovative multi-stage-tensioning technology made by the world leader German company CYKLOP which has 100 years of experience in strapping machines.
For over 10 years, Keramik is the exclusive distributor of CYKLOP and provides 7/24 technical support, remote support and all needed spare parts in the fastest way.
Taking gaps between the boxes by 4 side Pneumatic clamping system
High tension force (up to 5500 N)
Standard and quality packets
Employee Savings
Easy and cost-effective maintenance rather than hand machines

Robotic and Mechanic Stacking Machines

Our robotic palletizing systems that we use world-famous brand Fanuc robots which we are also authorized system integrator in Turkey and our 100% native production mechanical palletizing systems allows to stack your products with high quality, high speed and meets the standards.
Our fully automatic system with provided saving and quality-oriented earning opportunities pays the cost of investments off in a very short time and adds value to your plant.
By the help of our robotic or mechanical stacking system you can stack Flooring, Laminate, MDF or any other kind of wooden plate products.  
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